Ego's Death Record DataBap Link NumberBap NumberNotesEgo’s Mother's Rel. StatusEgo’s Mother's EthnicityEgo’s Mother's OriginEgo’s Mother's NameEgo’s Father's Rel. StatusEgo’s Father's EthnicityEgo’s Father's OriginEgo’s Father's NameSpouse's Rel. StatusSpouse's EthnicitySpouse's Origin Spouse's NameAge UnitInformantDeath PlaceBurial PlaceNumberOfficiant
Variable NameAttribute
ego's residential statusvezino que fue del Pueblo de los Angeles
Miscellaneous AttributesEx UncionEucaristiaPenitenciaSac MemoLink BasisEgo's Link MissionEgo's Bap MissionEgo’s Marital StatusEgo’s LegitimacyEgo’s Religious StatusEgo’s EthnicityEgo’s OriginEgo’s SurnameEgo’s Native NameEgo’s Spanish NameAge LevelEgo's AgeCause of DeathDate of NoticeDeath DateBurial DateMission  Recorder